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January 8, 2013: Corestaff Hong Kong Limited(核友電子有限公司)., was established as a wholly owned subsidiary by corestaff co.,Ltd. It aims to service Japanese clients in mainland china and Hong Kong request BOM list procurement and our effective original service.

Summary of CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited

Company name

CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited(核友電子有限公司)






Corestaff Co.,Ltd 100%


董事長 Masaki Tozawa


総経理 Mikako Suzuki


Unit02, 10/F, CDW Building,388 Castle Peak Rd., Tsuen Wan, N.T., H.K






Significance for established office in Hong Kong

Previously, Mass production for large amount was common producing in overseas. According to a recent survey, In the mainland china, the tendency of mass production change to small lot (small quantity, large variety) . Therefore, we are strong with procurement such as "requested Qty" "short lead time" and " BOM procurement" which is matched with current tendency. Corestaff provides a wide range of our effective original service for clients through its our professional team. providing a link from Hong Kong to world, and from the world to Hong Kong. corestaff supports every clients requests.

Message from Masaki Tozawa(Director)

CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited is the first overseas foray for us. We are hoping to become an important base for to meet the diverse requests for customers in Japan.
As supply chain base in Hong Kong, we will research for gathers and route information about procurement, and we will provide information of uncommon manufacture for alternate, equivalent and replacement. At the same time, we support our customers in Japan sourcing offices and manufacturing development center in ChinaJapanese companies in overseas bases, the number of staff are handling a heavy work load in small group. Therefore, I think that our service meet the demand for this reason A time period of the past to the present, we also have been doing parts procurement for Japanese company in overseas but our clients request us to serve more quick and more precise regarding their demands. I will continue to make more efforts to help our clients in china and Hong Kong by close location.


Service overview

Overview for companies in china and Hong Kong.

Bom list procurement

Based on Japanese companies operating in China, including the Shenzhen, we provide our service, BOM list procurement along to prototype producing.

Reduction of excess inventory.

we serve a service for buying your excess stock from authorized distributor and set manufactures. You also can take an advantage through our web shopping channel “zaikostore”, will help us to reduce excess inventory.


Overview for companies in Japan

Introducing electronic parts in the Asian market with competitive Price

We will introduce common electronic components in Asian market and price is competitive but the it is not common in Japan.

Introduce manufactures of EMS in china

We accept manufacturing all at once, we will introduce EMS manufacture in china. Substrate manufacturing, circuit board manufacturing, sourcing, component mounting, assembly, and inspection.


Overview for trading companies in china and Hong Kong

we sell our inventories which is original and new only.

we sell our stock to trading companies in Hong Kong and china. we have more than 80,000 items in our warehouse. Our stock is come from set manufacture and end user in Japan.


Corestaff field of strong point

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    Industrial equipment for small and middle BOM list procurement.

    corEMS is a collaboration of great ability of Corestaff procurement of parts and long term relationship with EMS partners.
    corEMS works with you from design to manufacturing.

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    Procurement of required quantity and fast delivery

    Against irregular production and low-volume production, we can deliver parts along your required quantities(No MOQ). We sell our inventories(80,000 items) from one piece. We believe that eventually would like to build a system of JIT (Just In Time)

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    Procurement of EOL components and quality inspection.

    Our company always focus on coping with high consciousness in order to improve quality of the part. We stop delivering any products that quality level are low by our incoming inspection, mainly coming from open market, and there cannot be delivered to our client.

CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited

CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited(核友電子有限公司)
Unit02, 10/F, CDW Building,388 Castle Peak Rd., Tsuen Wan, N.T., H.K

TEL: +852-2730-5868
FAX: +852-2730-5878

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