CoreStaff America Inc.

CoreStaff Co., Ltd. established a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in San Jose, California, USA and launched its sales on January 5, 2015. The Subsidiary provides Japanese–affiliated companies operating in cities in the USA, such as Silicon Valley, with various services of CoreStaff including collective procurement service of components list. At the same time, the subsidiary enhances its support services to Japanese-affiliated companies entering markets of South American countries including Brazil by providing assistance for efficient local procurement.

Company Name CoreStaff America Inc.
Operation start date January 5, 2015
Capital $200,000
Shareholders Wholly owned by CoreStaff Co.,Ltd.
CEO Tomohiro Nakama
Location 2065 Martin Ave, STE108
Santa Clara, CA 95050-2707
TEL +1-408-606-2609
FAX No. +1-408-606-2835

24-hour procurement relay

The opening of CoreStaff America Inc. has enabled us to better understand the US market where it difficult to collect information until now. We will render 24-hour service in globally searching for in-stock items for our customers by sharing and making use of gathered information amongst Japan (CoreStaff Co., Ltd.), North America (CoreStaff America Inc.) as well as Hong Kong (CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited).

By using our CoreStaff America Inc. as a foothold, we will collect real-time information on components and establish procurement routes in order to provide customers with information on components produced by high-grade local manufacturers and support component procurement by Japanese customers who have development bases and/or production bases.

Our greetings

CoreStaff America Inc. was founded for the purpose of helping Japanese-affiliated companies operating in the USA by overcoming difficulties they are struggling with.

All of our clients had informed us of the issues of interaction with Japan and many complained regarding the following:

  • Since the components designed in Japan and adopted have no mass appeal in the USA, there is an adverse effect on costs and prices.

  • In the USA there is no mass production, therefore American customers tend to purchase only the necessary number of parts that can be delivered in a short period of time.

  • Companies are struggling with excessive inventory with MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) purchased products and last-by EOL items.

We will listen to customers in order to understand their needs and come up with a positive solution for the problems mentioned above.

CoreStaff America Inc. is able to cooperate with CoreStaff Co., Ltd as well as CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited when necessary, and that is our strong point. It is also possible to collect components to be used in the USA and send them to the USA in bulks. We can handle the needs for procurement of the necessary amount of components as we have tie-up relationships with trading companies that possess various stocks in the USA. It is possible for us to support clients by solving their problems of excessive inventory in various ways such as commissioned sale and/or bundled purchase as we have storage spaces in the USA.

All of our staff members will do the best to become our customers’ reliable partner in the USA.


Our services for Japanese-affiliated companies operating in the USA.

  1. Collective procurement of component list
    We will provide Japanese-affiliated companies entering into the markets various places in the USA, including San Jose, with collective procurement of component lists.
  2. Reduction and disposal of excessive stocks
    We will execute our excessive stocks reduction and disposal program for set-makers and electronic components handling agents. We will help our customers in reducing their excessive stocks by making use of the stocks sales channel of CoreStaff Head Office.

Our services for Japanese-affiliated companies entering markets of South American countries including Brazil.

  1. Local procurement
    We will help our customers’ local procurement in South American countries including Brazil.
  2. Agent service to provide parts
    We offer agent service to provide components in Japan and send them to Brazil currently done by our customers. CoreStaff Co., Ltd. will coordinate with our customers in order to export components and CoreStaff America Inc. will make various adjustments with local entities.

Our services for Japanese customers

  1. Introduction of cost-competitive components being distributed in the USA.
    We will introduce Japan domestic customers to cost-competitive electronic components being widely distributed in the USA but not well known in Japan.
  2. Commissioned sales/bulk purchase of excessive stocks in the USA.

Corestaff field of strong point

Industrial equipment for small and middle BOM list procurement.

corEMS is a collaboration of great ability of Corestaff procurement of parts and long term relationship with EMS partners. corEMS works with you from design to manufacturing.

Procurement of required quantity and fast delivery

Against irregular production and low-volume production, we can deliver parts along your required quantities(No MOQ). We sell our inventories(80,000 items) from one piece. We believe that eventually would like to build a system of JIT (Just In Time)

Procurement of EOL components and quality inspection.

Our company always focus on coping with high consciousness in order to improve quality of the part. We stop delivering any products that quality level are low by our incoming inspection, mainly coming from open market, and there cannot be delivered to our client.

CoreStaff America Inc.
111 W. St. John Street, STE500 San Jose, CA 95113, USA

TEL: +1-408-606-2609
FAX: +1-408-606-2835

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